Thank you!

I am sending my deepest thanks to the voters who turned out for our campaign in this crowded Primary election. You presented a strong voice on the clear needs of our region: tackling the housing crisis, providing affordable and reliable transportation options, and preserving our environment and natural resources for future generations. While the outcome was not what we had hoped, your voice was heard.

I am humbled by the number of endorsers, contributors, and neighbors that supported this campaign. I’m incredibly proud of the race we ran – especially under such tough conditions — and I am so grateful to each of you. Your individual efforts collectively built a strong campaign.

Our race was the most competitive in the history of Metro. Despite its competitive nature, all of the candidates were professional and gracious. I especially wish to thank each for their cordiality to me as a newcomer on the political scene. I send my best regards to Mary Nolan and Chris Smith as they pursue the seat in the General election.

What’s next? Building on our momentum, I will continue advocating for our economic and ecological sustainability as a region.


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